Graduation day, last day of school so it's time for final prank, use different object and after you are ready click done.
Funny game where you must save cat by clicking and jumping over Crocodiles, before they open mouth.
Choose your weapon and player which you hate most Messi, Ribery or Ronaldo.
Help Mario to reach stadium, run as fast as possible and avoid judges, other team players and different obstacles, use mouse left click to jump and collect diff...
Bob is bored and found new way to have fun, throw pepper balls into basket, complete levels and don't get caught by the boss.
Don't get caught by girls which are running around while your steeling pants from sorority.
Help stickman to reach toilet as fast as possible by avoiding and jumping on obstacles and before bad thing happen.
Very very serious game, play it accurately as it needs very strong skills, survive while driving your vehicle.
Point and click hangover is back with funny characters and situations, another time find out whats happening.
In old Rome empire Caesar was making decisions using right hand, we have different situation and you can choose which decision he will make and see what will ha...
Little kid wants to dance but if parents will see this they will become crazy, so help him dance with ganging style but don't be caught by parents.
Funny joke about one of the most popular football players in the world, Cristiano Ronaldo.
Putin is out to collect flags and reach duma, so jump and buy upgrades to jump even far.
Choose one of the politicians and play as a opponent to smash him as far as you can.
Become superficial chick, get cosmetic surgery, buy new clothes, invite friends to party and work to get money.
Use different moves and make combos to survive as log as possible.
Run asian restaurant and serve as many clients as possible and don't forget time is money!
Create situations where celebrities looking very funny and then as paparazzi take photos.
Fast food is one of the most important problem today, destroy all fast food restaurants by tossing fat people at them.
After another big party, another funny hangover. It's funniest than ever before!
Your working in office and awful boss given bad task which you must to complete.
Gran is back help here another time to clean neighborhood from Crime.
Kick Justin the Beaver while he singing and help him to reach his beaver lodge.
If something strange in your neighborhood. who you gonna call ? BUSTER!
Jump from building and reach ground in each level, destroy as much thing as possible while fly.
You are a doctor and have to help your patient defeat the infection with all ways.
There are so many parasites kill all of them by using guns, knives and etc.
You have chance to learn 41 dancing steps of Micheal Jackson the king of pop. Follow the music and repeat his moves to dance perfectly.
Help Billy save his village. The big funny monster is going to eat the whole village but he loves fruits more then anything other so Billy has to find much frui...
Santa is getting ready for Christmas and collecting presents to bring them to the children. Help him jump on the Grinch's heads and fill the presents bar. ...
Your goal is to kick the fat man and shoot him as far as possible to score the homerun. Choose perfect angle and speed and kick him. Gain XP and collect money f...
Manage your oceanpark and show the visitors you different sea animals. take them to the place they want and let enjoy the attraction. Then get money for this an...
It's world cup and you must hit the soccer fan very fast to not get caught by the guard.
You are a retired soldier and decided to rest in Canada with the deer. Suddenly you get message that there is a financial crisis and you have to destroy as many...
Walk in the kingdom of death different kind of evil skeletons and monsters. Do not let them kill you and hit everyone firstly.
Throw Prime Minister of G8 as long as possible as he doing job very bad last years.
Play on the computers nerves and hit the red button despite his warnings. Firstly its funny but then he makes very angry and it's really hard to find that ...
Pepper is your cute puppy and he loves playing with Frisbee with you very much. Throw it to pepper with balanced speed to help puppy catch it. In future levels ...
Use stapler shoot down social networks and Don't shoot co-workers and boss.
Catch and get all green pills and avoid red ones to make Harrison Ford healthy.
Prepare and start to throw little black cat as far as possible.
Try hop as high as possible on top of sacred temple, as quicker and higher you jump as more points you get.
Click and throw vehicles and people around to destroy full cities.
George from jungle! Get enough power by swinging on to the rope and trow him as far as you can.
When there is nothing to do and your bored set angle and power and flick the paper balls into the bin.
Control balloon cat and shoot dragons and don't target other cats.
Chuck's all neighbors are trying to steal a delicious Capri Sun. But Chuck is not gonna take it any more. Click to the right direction to shoot boiled eggs...
Your goal is to throw the bear as far as you can. Different animals will help you on the way and will hit him to continue flying.
Choose the right direction and speed and hit the hero with your foot to make him fly as far as possible. Control him in the sky and get different objects that w...
Enemies try to kill you. Use your weapon to protect yourself and stay alive. As you collect more money you can purchase more powerful weapons.
You are on of the samurais fighting on the rope above the river with long sticks. Use this stick to fight as well as to maintain balance. Attack your rival and ...
You are trying to escape from the clinic but doctors are trying to catch you and don't let you to run from there. Use anything around you as a weapon to tr...
Choose your tank and shoot the balloons in the sky not to let them survive and fly far from you. Take down several balloons in short time and make combos.
Your goal is to hit the ball and throw it to the farthest distance. Choose the ball and click it when you will be near it. Be careful not to fail. There are som...
Two teams challenge each other in shooting poops. Try to be accurate and take down all your rivals before they hit you.
Mr. Hebert is trying to run from his evil nurse. He doesn't want to get pills. Help him avoid obstacles on the way. Press mouse to jump and space to slide....
Help Despereaux jump on the steps and reach the door to get out of the dungeon. Hold your mouse on him and drag away to expand the red arrow then release and ma...
Stunt hamster is ready to fly as far as possible. Choose the best direction and speed and shoot him from the cannon. Use gas to make him fly in the air.
You are in the tube with many beautiful girls around you. Use different objects to make out with the girls and not being seen by anyone in the tube. Combine thi...
Play as a kid in little town which waiting for Christmas and throw snowballs to other people.