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Name: Tiny Alien

Published: Mar 15, 2019

Game Description: Jump and shoot your way through space! Can you defeat the evil empire and bring back the sacred gems? Fast paced arcade platforming action with sweet pixel graphics! Music by Boy vs Bacteria! Power-ups! Bosses! Unlock different characters! You are our only hope Tiny Alien! Good Luck! Use the buttons or arrow keys to jump left or right. Your flying sidekick will auto-aim and auto-shoot at the closest enemy! Watch out for enemies, pits, buzz saws and missiles! Pick up power-ups or buy them at the shop! Unlock different characters with different abilities! Can you defeat all the bosses and take back the sacred gems? Use spacebar to start/restart.

Plays: 159

Category: Action Games

Type: Remote Resolution: 480 x 852

Tiny Alien

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