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Name: Box10 Brawl

Published: Apr 10, 2010

File Size: 3.27 Mb

Game Description: Choose your character and start fighting against your rival. Hit him as many times as you can, try to fees the special kick bar and finally knock out him. you can play against your friend or computer.

Instructions: Player 1: A, D - Move. S - Crouch. W - Jump. O - Special. K - Block. I - Kick. U - Punch. Player 2: Left / Right Arrow Keys - Move. Down Arrow Key - Crouch. Up Arrow Key - Jump. 6 - special. 2 Block. 5 - Kick. 4 - Punch.

Plays: 31627

Category: Fighting Games

Type: Flash Resolution: 580 x 400

Box10 Brawl

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