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Name: Andy Law

Published: Mar 19, 2009

File Size: 5.24 Mb

Game Description: help this guy complete all his missions and kill all the enemies. Move on the platforms and take down all enemies on your way. You have to be very fast and shoot first every time, not to let them kill you. Get different kind of weapons on the way.

Instructions: W,A,S,D,keys - To Move. (hold down for a second then jump for super-jump) Mouse key - To control attack direction / Left Click Attack 1,2,3,4,E - To switch weapons R - To reload G - To drop weapon Q - To see current condition and set up Space bar - To switch to communicate or Drive or Transport B - To buy weapons while near shop

Plays: 43825

Category: Action Games

Type: Flash Resolution: 600 x 350

Andy Law

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