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Name: Zombie Hell

Published: Jan 21, 2009

File Size: 389.84 Kb

Game Description: The only house on this territory is attacked by zombies and there are ten people there. Help them fight against zombies and survive. Use different weapons to kill zombies. Collect cash for better weapons. You have to fight for ten days and save people.

Instructions: Click on a face icon to select that person. Then click anywhere on the screen to move them to that position. When they are inside the house clicking outside of the house moves them to that position, and clicking the house when outside returns them to the house When outside you can also click on the person directly to control them. To make a person attack a zombie simply move them close to the zombie and the person will attack with whatever weapon they have! Different weapons have different ranges though. Pressing 1 - 9 and 0 on the keyboard also selects the corresponding person. p to pause.

Plays: 8183

Category: Strategy Games

Type: Flash Resolution: 700 x 576

Zombie Hell

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