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Name: Transporter

Published: Jan 22, 2009

File Size: 533.94 Kb

Game Description: You are a driver of transporter plane and your job is to search and rescue people in different critical situations. You only have place for 4 people, so sometimes you will have to make more than one flights in one mission. Try to avoid enemies bullets and do not loose health.

Instructions: The helicopter can only take 4 people at a time, and can be repaired by landing on the helipad or by rope lifting health packages around some maps. Controls: W A S D - Movement keys or directional keys Space - Lower the rope X - Flip the helicopter from left to right or right to left P - Pause the game * Space: Lower the rope * fire: space * P: Pause the game * X: Flip the direction of the helicopter * WASD or Arrow keys: Movement * movement: wasd

Plays: 24983

Category: Other Games

Type: Flash Resolution: 640 x 480


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