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Name: Microgolf

Published: Dec 18, 2018

Game Description: Discover Microgolf Masters: the most exciting and tactical multiplayer mini golf game in the world! In this amazing strategy game, you'll not only play mini golf against real players in real-time, you'll experience a new way of playing! More than 700 courses with multiple bonuses, boosters, and traps to avoid. Challenge mini golfers in real-time online matches! Take on the daily solo challenges, or compete in the weekly leader boards and tournaments to win awesome prizes and eternal glory. Microgolf Masters is playable with a mouse. Click and drag to aim. The more you drag the more powerful the shot is. Release to shoot! Your goal is to putt the ball in fewer shots than your opponent.

Plays: 95

Category: Arcade Games

Type: Remote Resolution: 500 x 800


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