You must reach end of road but zombies are everywhere, use your jeep and smash all of them down, upgrade your car at maximum performance to complete objective.
Zombies are attacking and full town become zombie land, you must fight down all of them and reach highest floor.
Drive your vehicle and smash all zombies, avoid objects as you can easily crash your car.
Start throw rocks to kill all zombies and after that buy new weapons, don't give this zombies to reach house.
More levels and new characters, throw zombies from something like cannon and activate all red switches.
Survive as long as possible, zombies are attacking from everywhere, use different weapons and also use vehicles is is needed.
Use your bullet to shoot down all undeads, as less shoots will you will need as more you will score.
Cut zombie heads and roll them into the pot, burn wooden blocks if this is needed.
There are too many hungry zombies in office, start with sward and bomb to stop all of them and then by new weapons.
Zombies attacking your from all sides, move around run and shoot all of them, collect money as you can use them for upgrades.
Swing your bat to smash all incoming zombies, collect coins by moving mouse.
Help Miguel to smash all zombies using left mouse click, use arrow keys or WASD for movement and press S key to pick up guns.
60 seconds before nuclear bomb will be donated, you must go out and find your daughter.
Follow your map to reach objectives and destroy all zombies on your way, also you can take cars by pressing space bar.
Your mission is to save the planet from zombies and other enemies, use mouse to aim and shoot down all of them.
Throw zombie as far as you can, after each fly use upgrades to reach maximum distance.
After you return home your castle is under attack by zombies, do everything what is needed to stop them.
Use bombs to blow up objects and houses and don't let zombies to stay alive.
First person shooter where you must defend yourself and save the world from all attacking zombies.
Your objective is to connect all zombie hands, 4 fun creatures and 40 unique levels.
Shoot and defend yourself from attacking zombies to find your way through infested city and reach Liberty Island.
You wake up scared and you must find out who you are and what is going on.
Control zombies with chainsaw and kill all humans on your way also destroy objects if needed.
Play as zombies and eat all brains, avoid cars and eat as many people as you can.
More and more cities becoming conquered by zombies, you must shoot all of them down, unlock new missions and buy upgrades.
Your CEO of very big zombie corporation, and you must improve development and profitability of all zombies.
Start fighting with zombies they are coming without stop, pickup apples and different power-ups.
Zombies are coming wave after wave and you must use rifle to shoot them down.
Hungry zombies are coming from all directions and you must use weapons to survive as long as you can.
Try to survive behind the barricade shoot zombies earn cash to upgrade & buy new weapons.
City is destroyed now there are only zombies and you must survive as long as possible.
Fight the zombies and pick up ammo,health and money. Upgrade weapons and buy ammunition.
City is under attack by zombies everything is broken even roads, you must drive 2 bikes, jump on broken roads and shoot zombies.
Defend yourself from zombies which are out for some blood and attacking from all directions.
Shoot and kill all zombies in 25 levels, it's easy to play but very addicting.
Start play as Santa and then you can unlock and play with elf, use left click to fight and shoot zombies.
Your mission is to reach the chopper but you must buy a car and upgrade it every time after you try to reach destination point.
Beware, zombies want your brain! Upgrade you weapons and fix up your barriers.
Choose character and weapon and start smashing zombies, complete missions and make combos.
Battle your way through hordes of zombies, visit the shop to unlock and upgrade your weapons.
Silent Hill mystery city from popular game which first time was developed for playstation one, your plane now crashed in this city and you must find way out.
Click vehicles to start engine and accelerate, use all horse power to kill all zombies.
Protect your base from the invasion of zombies. Collect money to buy new towers and upgrade existing ones.
Use machete and slay down all zombies, unlock different weapons and etc.
Now everyone are zombies, you must kill all of them, collect artifacts, also discover all secret rooms
Take down all aliens or earth will be destroyed, use C too shoot and X to drop bombs.
Protect your nuts using arrow and bow, and don't allow zombies and monster to steal them.
Planet is destroyed by zombies and now you must stop them, Use mouse key to shoot and E for action.
Escape from middle of forest by shooting zombies, while assembling the car to get out from there, buy new weapons when get money.
Dark creature kidnapped cheerleader, you must go after them and rescue her.
Show your soccer skills and terminate all the zombies using your ball, set power and shoot all of them down.
Smash all zombies shoot guns, through darts, use knife, bazooka or grenades to kill them all.
Drive bus and try to reach destination point, rescue survivors and kill all zombies.
Was good day and for relaxation you was playing golf but zombies are coming, use your golf skills to smash all of them.
Drive truck through zombies to reach destination point where you will be safe.
Zombies are attacking towns you must defeat them, shoot as fast as you can and stay alive.
You have to cross the territory with your truck which is occupied by zombies, so you must be ready to be attacked every time. Shoot down zombies trying to kill ...
You and your friend are alone and attacked by zombies from all around. Now you have to send a signal to ask some help. Collect as much gas as you can to call th...
Move in the dark and collect gems on the way. Be careful you may be attacked by zombies every minute. Kill them and reach the door safely to complete the level.
Your goal is to kill all monsters around. Shoot bombs from you cannon and blow up, drop in the traps or burn them. Try to use least amount of bombs.