Aqua-rocker is exploring the dungeons of Atlantis. You have to ride it slowly and collect all the gold stars, after it return to the base. Be careful and try no...
You are a rock star. You get to ride in your awesome tour bus. Use arrow keys to move and Space to brake. Be careful because streets are narrow and thee is much...
Throw pirate which have lost everything after piracy was banned by law, now he wants to reach mars and plunder mars sea.
Control your character using arrow keys and S key, jump over different strange obstacles and run away as fast as you can.
Use you mouse and dig your way to the center of the earth, collect items so you can get gold and then buy upgrades which will give you more energy.
Test your soldier's agility in different situations such as jumping etc, start with jumping on blocks to reach top of building.
Control traffic, Manhattan in rush hour, it's hard but not impossible, click cars to slow down and click another time to speed them up.
Use space-bar to power you jump, use arrow key for rotation and dive nicely to get good points.
Help Holmes while he is running to overcome various obstacles, use arrow keys jump and slide.
Move around using arrow keys and use your livable to clean up all levels from leaves.
Which photographers are best ? for sure who can catch best moments, so use your camera and earn money.
Jump using parachute and repeat the stunts which are made by others, if you make mistakes you'll fall down.
Complete achievements while testing different kind of weapons on ragdoll, check how much this ragdoll can take.
Click on mouse to jump and collect coins, click several time to jump more higher, survive as log as possible.
Choose side USA or USSR and command space program to reach moon and plant flag of your country.
Control traffic, don't allow trains to crash to each other, red is stop and green is will to go.
Use all your skills to save patient take a look at timer and stabilize him.
Finish the piece of art by sticking glass pieces to right position and don't loose them.
Throw bombs to drop all boxes into water and don't touch red boxes or you'll loose points.
Choose helicopter,plane or UFO ship and control it as long as possible, avoid bombs, use repairs and kill all enemies.
Load track at the doc, using mouse pick up containers and be carefully don't loose them.
Throw angry gran from cannon and make her fly as long as possible, mission is jump over the wall.
Help burger chef and throw your burgers to costumers which already paid for it.
Lunch your rocket and control it to get more points and reach sky, use upgrades to go even higher.
Control your plane and pass as much distance as possible, pickup gas and stars before you burn fuel fully.
Guide slimy burglar through all levels collect stars and avoid some evil creatures.
Use your throwing skills to shoot down all enemies in each level and rescue the kidnapped children.
Control your vehicle which is made to crash all building, so use arrow keys and wrecking ball and complete all objectives.
Potty another time trying to create plane which will fly as far as none can imagine, use all available upgrades and make new record.
Hold down left mouse button and lunch robots, try to fly as far as you can, don't forget to buy upgrades for more power.
Drop, shoot and use different objects or weapons to destroy all Ragdolls in each level.
Manage zoo, you have different animals too look at, feed them and serve visitors so they will return.
New restaurant where your making hot-dogs, serve customers quickly and use income for upgrades.
Start with small rocket and with several tries reach space, buy all available upgrades to do so.
Use your bazooka to destroy constructions and blast away all enemies inside it.
Fly as high as possible, use your sward to slice all enemies and jump higher, use all collected money for upgrades.
Use harpoon on the boat and catch as many fishes as you can to earn money.
Control train and deliver different items, bridges on road are broken you must click space bar and using mouse construct new bridge to continue move.
Move your vehicle and crash everything using wrecking ball, arrow keys or WASD to control truck.
Use torture room and make different tests, destroy ragdoll using all methods which available.
Throw zombie as far as you can, after each fly use upgrades to reach maximum distance.
Play against PC or second player and destroy enemy tanks using mouse.
Select one side from two different kingdoms, help one of them to defeat second using cannonball.
Help different vehicles to complete missions, park at right position,drop of the screen bad cars etc..
Fly as long as possible and earn money with each fly to buy upgrades.
Place ramp and set angle, after car will accelerated, you need to destroy castle and destroy everything.
Control funny character, run or jump and main mission is to upgrade your hero's abilities and time.
Operation on hart is very hard to do, so follow instructions and keep an eye patient vital signs.
Throw astronaut as far as you can, use different cars,planes,rockets to throw him even far.
Listen customers very carefully and then create their dream tattoos, be carefully don't make mistakes.
Help bartender to create cocktails, pour different drinks and shake then taste it.
Fly as long as you can and finish finish line to complete level and win hart of beautiful woman.
Criminals trying to rob Donald Trump's empire, defend him from robbers.
Knock all enemies of the screen using different weapons, you also can switch between two bears.
Start playing guitar you need to become very famous, this version have 14 different guitars.
Crash all vehicles don't leave non of them and after park your car.
Shoot and kill all zombies in 25 levels, it's easy to play but very addicting.
Stack gift boxes on top of each other very carefully and as much as you can.
Launch your spaceship and land on the target spot. Collect all coins to get bonus score.
Launch robot as far as possible, earn cash and upgrade items, bombs, cannons and weapons.