You have seven days to to archive education, eat and sleep right time to not get sick.
Funny adventure style poker game, so take your five cards and win all games.
Pimp car from 60's how you want and after you can ride it into open roads.
Offer car services to customers, such as patrol,tires,spare parts, get good money and make customers happy.
Swim into deep ocean and avoid sharks and water mines, swim using click of mouse and don't forget to eat.
Run Rick , Run! You play Rick trying to collect the hearts while dodging the falling anvils, safes, and bowling balls. Try and go for a score!
Protect rock group while they are playing at guitars, to so this is throw black creatures into fire.
Travel through all cities and win all poker tournaments to become most famous poker player.
Kill Boe using buttons on the top, each death has a trick, watch animation fully after pressing button it's fun.
It's acne doctor very fanny and same time very strange game where you must help this young boy to get our from acne.
Look very carefully at colored circles and listen them after it's finished repeat same combinations.
A fun point and click game, it's gone some times already from this development yes old but really addictive, you must find items and the use it, it's ...
This is something like joke about Windows OS we all remember silly errors we where getting while using win so this is something like simulation :D
Animation movie about A little kid feels the presence of a stranger in his house at midnight, this is not game but interesting.
If you where playing arcade games in the mid 1990's this game will remember you good old day of fighting arcades.
Help Marco to fight down all enemies in Iraq, everything is more hard now but you can do complete all missions as your one of the elite soldiers of USA.
Normally all ninjas are man, but now help ninja girl to fight down other ninjas, use ASD to fight and make combos also.
Avoid the cameras and make decisions to go through enemy base, this is third version and we have more fun here.
Your mission is clear, protect yourself from asteroids, you must destroy it while they rich you or you will die.
Try to stay alive in hell use A key to shoot S key to jump and arrows to move, shoot zombies and avoid bombs.
Throw this funny frog Boost Mr into sky and as high as possible, as long distance you pass as high score you get.
Bounce and juggle three balls back and forth but don't drop non of it or you will loose, as long you jungle as more score your getting.
Adjust direction and shoot ball and bounce it through all levels, don't hit gray boxes or you will die.
Help funny football player using arrow keys to keep all balls into air and do not allow to fall them down.
Wait for cannon after shoot bounce this ball and take down enemies, use mouse to move left or right.
Use mouse and check how long can you bounce ping pong ball on your table tennis paddle, as long you will keep it as more score you get, check you skills.
Escape and destroy all enemies aliens and rockets, buy upgrades in shop.
Help lion to stay at the top of car in safari use arrow keys to move left and right and lay down.
Click on blocks to take them and click another time to place it in right place.
From left coming boxes you must click at two re more same colored boxes to remove before time runs out.
Use mouse click and help Santa to shoot penguins into the floating baskets.
Use arrow keys to collect all beers and avoid flame or you will be burn.
Defend castle by clicking on incoming enemies and then dropping them from high.
New mission same enemies, use A too shoot, S to jump and eliminate all of enemy forces.
Try to scare little girl at night, use different objects for this, better is when she is very close.
Try to find parts to fix boiler, avoid other workers and hot air while collecting this parts.
Slide astro boy through crash revolution asteroids before they smack you.
Move your dolphin and collect all coins also get pills to grow up and etc..
Drop bombs to cows and building to destroy, use space and arrow keys in this arcade style game.
Get your chop-chop train across the screen in the time given by using drag and drop pieces to complete your train track.
Use left and right keys to jump and destroy all Halloween creatures.
Windows 2000, do you remember it had many problems errors and so on, so try to fix it by smashing.
Many people don't paying taxes you must beat it from them, collect golds and buy upgrades.
Move ball down to exit be very carefully as control is very sensitive.
You have 90 seconds for revenge, smash down as many people as you can by driving your vehicle.
Go through mafia gangs use gun using E and then A key for shoot S to run and Space bar for action.
Run through the level as Mario, jump on enemies and at end of levels try to beat boss by jumping, it's hard but fun.
Nintendo mario is back now in flash game, choose Mario or Luigi and start your adventure.
Walk into Simpsons house see different animations and listen to soundboard.
Select scene from 6 available scenes and walk this spooky world as a ghost.
Use arrow keys and cross road by avoiding all vehicles and take a look at time.
Run around in platform game and rescue all babies without getting caught.
Move around different platforms climb and collect all coins while avoiding enemies.
Use different tricks to make cat cry and don't let him to jump on you.
Help rat to collect cheese and start, reach breakpoints to continue game from there.
Your priest metropolis city is out of control with gun you must make peace.