Throw Santa from old cannon as far as you can using mouse key.
This is your chance to kick George W. Bush out of the Presidential office and put him back in Texas!
Get paints by scratching and making efficient dodges, lovely animals awaiting your make them happy.
Jump and move your mouse to jump from book to book and try to get as high as possible.
Fling the turkey away from the fire as you grab corn in mid air and try to get your turkey far.
Keep santa off the snow for as long as you possible to win this game.
Help little kid to kick different toys and destroy house before parents are back.
Use your gun and wait before your target will dropped and shoot.
This tactically and choose the best way you think would be best to Break the Bank.
Something fishy is going on in the White House. It is up to you to cover up the mess that the president has created.
New features a new design, some tweaks to the game play, an even larger playing field and, most importantly, a new way to move the player. You now control the p...
Move from left to right with your mouse dutch politician and catch the razors .etc.
Jump from platform to platform as you continue to rise. take the wrong path that ends.
Use full power to hit skull and bounce it over and over as far as possible.
Use left right keys to avoid magma which is drooped from top.
Look at the picture and try to find right puppy from group of puppies.
Make coffee and cakes to server customers and get income for your small coffee shop.
Very funny game use keyboard to press right key and throw items to fat boy who wants to eat you head.
Choose guitar and track which you want to play after press right keys to make guitarists play like real pro.
Very funny, you control plant which smashing everything on his way, choose game mode and start smashing.
Smash the falling objects to protect your pet . Feed them the food to increase their weight and pass the level.
Select Bill Gates or Steve Jobs and start fighting of operation systems MAC vs Windows.
Help Bill to manage school supply room and find all items as he don't remember where he hidden it.
In this game you are jumping with parachute and burst boxes to open them this action is harder if you have no arms and legs.
Draw road using pencil, after your done help monkey on bicycle to pass it and reach finish.
Lets see if you can stand up at a bar while being very drunk but at the same time chugging every beer that comes near you.
It's party and normal entertainment for it, hit beer cups in a row, use mouse to do this and win all stages.
Help Jane to manage great hotel and make excellent reputation of one of the most popular hotels by serving your visitors very fast.
Jump over blocks using UP arrow key,press and don't release several seconds to jump more high, don't crash into obstacles.
Investigate very complicated case about terrorism, harry up as in 14 days Hector Van Daemon will be executed.
Help Fur Fighters to deliver there message, everyone must read it, to save animals in several funny mini games.
Kick poor dude's ass and let him fly as long as possible, you can pick up some powerups and even can try to fly.
Help the clown juggle the balls, use left and right arrow keys and juggle as much balls as you can and as long as you can.
Flip the pizza and keep it in the air as long as possible by clicking pizza and then kiss the girl.
Drive your deconstruction machine and smash everything with your wrecking.
Your client of advertising agency and you must kill as many ideas presented by staff as possible.
Select the angle and power and throw truck and try to reach furthest distance.
Santa is going to bring you some presents, but the chimney is not connected to the fireplace. Repair the connection before he arrives, or else you won't ge...
It's the end of the year. Time to create a nice fireworks show over the city of London!
Draw line and make Santa to ride and collect all presents before reach finish.
Help Timmy to throw snowballs to angry elves and make Christmas keep going forever.
Rudolph is very angry and now you must help to throw Santa as high as possible.
Run and after jump into mini cooper convertible without hitting car.
First game in the famous series. Try to hit the penguin as far as you can!
New version for all kids from 4 years and up, with 10 brand new levels use mouse to play.
Horror movie story, destroy all objects in this funny chick game.