Help flying rabbit to collect and eat all carrots in each level by solving puzzles.
Mission is simple to reach moon, start with very simple rocket and after each fly upgrade it to at last reach destination.
Throw astronaut as far as you can, use different cars,planes,rockets to throw him even far.
Fly as long as you can and finish finish line to complete level and win hart of beautiful woman.
Fast food is one of the most important problem today, destroy all fast food restaurants by tossing fat people at them.
Launch your spaceship and land on the target spot. Collect all coins to get bonus score.
Check your pilot skills, you must control plane and reach airports without creasing into different planes.
Your objective is to help Santa reach cosmos, lunch him and buy different upgrades before your trying to com plate mission.
Help Chuck escape from the farm. Use launch button and control fly, collect all points and upgrade your plane.
Robot army is invading town and you must to fight down all of them and then escape.
Churchill invited you to lead fighter through different 25 levels in WW2, fight in air and ground.
Control megacycle and avoid any unwanted food items. Stay ahead of the dragon.
Your protecting flying kingdom from enemies which are trying to destroy your cites.
Shoot your enemies in the space arena, use WASD to fly and mouse to fire.
Control your jet and beat all racers, use arrow keys for movement.
Take down all aliens or earth will be destroyed, use C too shoot and X to drop bombs.
Start with scratch and earn money to upgrade and finish your plane.
Jump from building and reach ground in each level, destroy as much thing as possible while fly.
Fly and fire your way through many different 3d levels, with your panda.
It's second world war and England is under attack by Nazi Germany control planes and fight down all enemies.
Amigo Pancho is flying with his balloons. Now he needs your help to make his path clear and let him fly in the sky. there are different kind of obstacles you ha...
Control little plane and help postman to delver important massage, try to avoid obstacles and collect bonuses.
You must run and jump for your life, take special abilities such as flying and others and try to not falling in the water or in lava.
Your notebook is a battleground for your and enemy planes. Move your fighter jet around and blow up enemy's different kind of planes. Destroy all planes an...
Save the birds cause their way is going to the cat's house and they will have trouble there. Launch colored birds and try to collect tree or more birds wit...
Manage the airport and control the planes yourself. Tell all planes on which runaway they can land and receive passengers in the gates. Then let the planes fly ...
Help Burrito bison smash as many gimmes as possible while he is flying in the air. Collect money for each smashed gimme and use it to get new upgrades or items ...
Children want to fly very high and far and they are trying to fly from the swing with high speed and travel as far as possible. Launch them from the swing and c...
Control house where you must scare all visitors to get more powers.
Control Russian Superhero and help him to go through multiple mission-based scenarios and settings.
It's 1918 control German aircraft and try to shoot enemies thy will move all time so it's very difficult to catch them.
Use helicopter to build different towers and by handling cargo.
Start migration and help other birds also to reach destination avoid obstacles, aircraft, and weather conditions.
New super hero which is defending earth, shoot bad guys and rescue people.
You were dropped from the plane. Try to land as slowly as you can to survive. Follow different things in the air and find something light for the finish.
There is too much hot in the town and all the plants need water. Help Jeremy Fill his container and bring the water to the plants. Fly in the sky and water the ...
You have to control planes in the airport and do not cause mess. Order them the direction and the speed of their flight and land them on different runways.
Move the hero and kill enemies all around. Firstly they are laughing at you and you have to show them your strength. Then you have different missions. Kill enem...
Fly with your potty as far as possible and collect money for upgrades. you can make a plane from it and fly for a long distance. Then buy some upgrades and perf...
Drive the birds ship and help them destroy evil birds and avoid their attacks Move the ship with arrow keys and press left mouse to shoot. You have 3 bombs to d...
Help Mushu fly as far as possible. Stretch the sung as much as you can with left arrow key and then hit right arrow to make Mushu start flying. Control him with...
Defend your territory from enemy's attack with your helicopter. Build turrets and attack from it and from your weapon. Get health kit and weapon upgrades f...
Move your rocket along and collect cogs. you need them to fix the spaceship. In some situations you need to modify your ship and add some details on it. Overcom...
Help iron man fly in the sky and destroy enemies with his weapon. Shoot them to take down and avoid their bullets. Use mouse to move and left click to shoot.
Help little kid escape from the evil bear and fly as far as possible. launch him with the catapult and try to collect money for upgrades and buying new items. T...
Use space bar to control helicopter, grab coins and avoid rockets.
Start with small rocket and try to go as high as possible, after each flight upgrade your rocket.
Don't allow killer spores erupt or world will be in danger, fly with ben10 cousin and destroy them.
Throw Stimpy from cannon as long as possible, bounce at different objects and much more to go as far as you can.
Sheep is jumping from airplane and you must help to collect all coins before reach land.
You have five try to launch hamsters as far as possible, how much can you score ?