Zombie and a hamster are fighting against each other. Choose your character and try to kill your enemy. Perform different tricks and defend yourself from enemie...
Attack the dragon tower where the 'hope' is locked. But it...
Defend you castle by defeating huge robot which wants to destroy everything.
Start your journey to become karate master and take vengeance on everyone.
Enter arena and slay down enemies use sward D key,A jump, S to shoot.
Pick band member which you like more and beat the crap out from others.
Pick your opponent or brawl with the best of them as the computer picks. Careful, they're tough!
Travel through the cursed lands and eliminate all evil creatures.
Welcome and meet Hobo, move and make funny crazy moves and combos to defeat enemies.
Help boxer and punch tom out using Shift,Caps Lock,P,Plus,Enter keys.
A new swords and sandals strategy turn based game. Not as fun as swords and sandals 2 though.
Fight your way through 4 different episodes of fantasy battle. Buy fighting moves, amour and hire henchman to assist you on your journey.
Fight against another player or against the computer as you build up power to use special moves.
Wait for round to begin and hit space as fast as possible when you see GO!, win against all opponents.
3D panda fighting use your left right to move, space to jump and A, S, Z and X to attack your enemy...
Be quite and show some stealth skills to kill all enemies on there territory, start with knife and then get weapons.
Help proud viking warrior to fight until enemy is down, kill all of them and save your village from evil.
Customize your character and start wrestling, punch kick and use super moves.
Play as ninja and do special combos to eliminate all enemies.
Fight of faiths, choose Ganesha,Buddha,Budai and fight to other religions.
Choose warrior ans start fighting look at key combinations at left of screen and type same to perform attack.
Fight your way through the hordes of goons and save kid. Use WASD to move and JKL for action.
Fight against PC or second player, even you can watch PC vs PC fight, configure keys or read instructions in this Street Fighter style game.
You are a swift ninja and your master orders you to eliminate the samurais, over 90 enemies and 18 different attacks used.
Street fighter like style, you also can play with your friend, for one player use arrow keys and X,C,V for fight.
Turtles are back and master splinter given mission which must be completed.
Enter your name and start fighting with kung fu masters, defeat all of them and become master of masters.
Like mortal combat or street fighter 1 on 1 fighting game in arcade style, use arrow keys to fight and N,M keys to move your character.
Animation movie about Mortal Kombat and street fighter heroes fight of RAIDEN VS KEN, it's fun and interesting so watch it.
Choose character, select weapon and fight down all enemies using punches and kicks.