Another adventure of Obama, now in dangerous ghost town use different objects and escape another time.
Pass all screens before by solving different puzzles to help this guy go surfing.
Strange adventure, use arrow keys to move the main actor and press space bar for action.
You have 60 seconds before you die, use left mouse click and escape from cave.
Use magic powers and fighting skills to fight down the appearing shadow creatures as fast as possible.
Help ninja and avoid detection, use incredible skills to fight down enemies.
After not wanted landing on strange planet your mission is to escape from it, find hidden items and then use it.
2D adventure platform, where you control different characters, to go through all levels attack enemies and reach finish time is out.
Platform game where you must help minions to collect bananas and pass all obstacles to reach exit.
Help Lucas to escape from Mario castle, use mouse to grab items and use them.
Retro style adventure arcade game, go through all levels, run, jump, slash and shoot using arrow keys.
Pick up gun and try to pass all challenges to rescue your family, shoot enemies, use sniper refile or grenades to blow up cars,tanks,aircraft's.
Help Bob and Jerry, use 1,2 to switch between characters and cash the lottery ticket.
Point and click adventure, use different objects to find hidden ones and escape from house of the witch.
People start to disappear at the local shopping mall, and this is bad for Burger restaurant, you where hired to find out whats happening.
New virus which don't have any antidote attacked earth, only one person have immunity and you must help him to save world.
Use mouse and guide your electric boy through all screens by solving very hard puzzles.
Your beloved Lees is trapped in biology room, go through presidential school and find her.
Before you where parking car, your girlfriend disappeared in strange hotel, solve different puzzles and find her.
Help miner to reach toilet, by solving different puzzles using mouse click.
Your friend Elephant is lost, click on different items to solve puzzles and find and bring back your best friend.
Move your ant and solve some puzzles to safely pass each scene and complete game.
Control your character and explore caves, forests to find and defeat all enemies.
Solve some puzzles and try to reach finish in every level, also split your character when needed.
Another great case to investigate where you must find Penny Sue and get his car back.
Someone have stolen gold bars and now your investigating this case, find who is guilty and where is gold.
Move your robot and explore cave, use S key to shoot enemies and press D to drill.
Help Obama to break evil aliens plan to conquer earth, find old gems and use old Mayan weapon.
Your in experimental laboratory, go through all changes and reach exit in each scene.
Help Adam to explore 13's floor of building and find out whats happening there.
You got mail where someone asking for help, case is about lost reporter, you must find out whats happened with Candice.
Your friend has been kidnapped and you must pass all scenes using all objects and bring him back.
Jones wants to give his girlfriend incredible gift but first of all he must find it, use mouse click to find and move different objects to find lost treasure.
Help caveman to go through jungles, find and use different objects to avoid all dangers.
Help young prince find and solve different puzzles while going through the mansion.
Drill and explore ground, find materials and look at energy, you can fill it by visiting cafe.
Help ninja to get her girlfriend back, click on different objects to use it and pass all enemies.
Create your hero and start journey, explore dungeons and castle to get more money and fight battles.
Enter secret house which is build into tree, explore everything and kill all dwarfs.
Help pumpkin head skeleton to go through hell and collect all souls, go as far as possible.
Your mission is to find your girlfriend, there are many funny scenes here and different story lines.
Start exploring caves jump on enemy heads to kill them and collect diamonds, use space bar to build ladder.
Help Jonas to reach exit in each level and find treasure which he searching for, arrows to move and space for jump.
Control both characters, one dog and second kid and find your way out from all levels.
Your landing was very bad and now you must explore Purple Plane and also find your astro-dog.
Continue of adventure from end to start story, solve puzzles and reach point where everything started.
Evil MR has stolen your pet, you must do everything whats needed to find and bring it back.
Help soldier which is in enemy baser and must escape from there, use different objects to solve puzzles and find way.
Interesting story line beside, read dialogues carefully and find out whats happening in this pixel world.
Old gallery was robbed and you must catch burglar, use mouse to play and solve puzzles.
Help Kangaroo to find robbers and bring back stolen bag with full of gold.
Help sheriff by clicking different objects to find and arrest escaped criminals.
As normally in this genre help teddy to find way home to his beloved owner.
Control little knight and use mouse to solve different puzzles and destroy all evil towers.
Travel back or slow time and try to find the exit from the laboratory before it explodes.
Well written story about carrot, Harry is trapped in fridge and you must help him to escape from it.
After FBI closed down Megaupload and owner Kim has been arrested. Help Kim's brother and elaborate a reckless plan to get him out of prison.
Start with airplane repair and then continue your point and click adventure.
Jump your way to victory in 45 levels with 18 obstacles such as lasers, rocket launchers and saws and much more.
Find parts of your crashed ship, jump on spiders heads to destroy them.