Use jetpack and fly through different obstacles, collect coins and complete full distance, pres right arrow for boost and left ro rewind time.
Help your boss in difficult job, judge souls and send them in Heaven or Hell, click on soul and after several seconds send them into right place.
Drive your Humvee inside enemy base, blow up all tanks and cars and try to find parking space, use X key to shoot.
Ride your horse and build kingdoms by investing money into people, buy for them different items and be carefully when night comes.
Help ninja to run and jump on rooftops, use space bar to jump and mouse click to shoot down all enemies.
Start with driving your car, follow arrow and after owners leave houses rob them, break coffer and get all whats inside.
It's Halloween control your creepy monster, hide behind decorations and attack all humans, read instructions how to play in game.
Avoid or shoot enemy soldiers and destroy batteries to find your way to exit, use arrow keys and X to play.
Help gorgeous girl which loves to drink hot tea with friends to dress up, choose best outfit for teatime.
Control sticky blob using arrow keys or WASD and finish each level by jumping and solving some puzzles.
Move your lizard on star-ship, Use X key to spew plasma fly and destroy all attacking enemies.
Control death and collect all souls which are out for Halloween, each soul will give additional score.
Move car using your mouse and kill all zombies on the road, collect foul,money and speed ups, use money for upgrades.
Adventure of red ball continues, roll and jump avoid lasers and jump on enemy heads to destroy them.
Visit Fair and spend some time there, play different small games to earn money and points.
Look around and shoot down all enemies, use space bar for action, find keys and move to next stage.
Run on rooftops and shoot robots, collect coins and upgrades, click mouse to jump and space bar to slide.
Take control over enhanced soldier, shoot down all enemies in 21 different interesting sci-fi levels.
Control your vehicle from salon view and finish all levels and complete different missions.
Time machine is broken and 11 different times were mixed together, your job is to fix everything.
Control your fighting helicopter, destroy planes and drop bombs on incoming tanks.
Help old gran to find all memories, use arrow keys for move and jump and collect all photos to go at next scene.
Your on front line and there are many wounded solders which needs help, rescue all of them and avoid bombs.
Aliens invaded earth and destroyed almost everything, try to reach safe house and kill as many of them as possible.
Select soldier and start shooting, use all ammo to kill enemies and don't forget to destroy one more thing which to complete level.
In this game you must not save your character or help him, you must kill him using all available methods.
Enter a weird world and with your team stop all zombies, use all available weapons and kill all of them.
After village has been destroyed help bear to make revenge and kill all enemies.
Another time clear all levels from this freak zombies using your AK-47 or other weapons.
Control spaceship and try to shoot all asteroids while you're reaching planet.
Run with your raptor use left arrow key to shoot enemies, right to dash and up for jump, use money for upgrades such as speed,fly ability and much more.
Nazi zombies are attacking, you must start generator and defend yourself from zombies.
Use arrow keys to control Jake while he flying down, avoid different objects and collect points.
Great point and click adventure game, salve very hard puzzles with grate graphics and story.
Top down action shooting, fight down all nefarious forces with help of your brave brother.
Running game use arrow keys or mouse click to change gravity and don't be caught by haunter.
Select aircraft and start to destroy bombers and other targets, use all incomes for upgrades.
Control helicopter and wipe out enemy defense systems and then rescue all hostages.
Load your truck and start driving front-line during war, help soldiers and deliver resources.
Cat god is back another time, destroy all humans and don't let them to build towers.
Throw king as far as possible and continue fly using left mouse key, jump on enemy heads and pass obstacles.
Control your rocket and avoid all falling cows, after they reach ground hit space bar to dash.
Building is occupied by terrorists and as agent smith you must rescue all hostages and clear all floors from enemies.
Control skeleton, Run in hell and try to pass as much distance as possible by jumping and sliding.
Crazy arena is back, customize your character and choose weapons to finish each level as a winner and unlock new ones.
Scientists made experiment with poor hamster, use your mouse and let this hamster fly as high as possible, collect coins to use them in shop and also you can ge...
Read objectives and using AK-47 and with help of your troops destroy all enemies in each stage.
Help admiral to attack and defeat different ships, mission is to control Caribbean Sea fully.
Your character have been dropped alone on enemy territories, find out what is doing evil crazy general.
Control elite military troops, aim at targets and shoot also avoid mines and use R to reload.
Control your tank in enemy territory, use mouse and aim soldiers and different military guns.
Back in old days when pirates and other ships where fighting in sea, control one ship and shoot all enemies.
Mafia was controlling city but now zombies come, help gangster to shoot down all zombies and take full control another time.
Help squirrel to fly as far as possible using Space bar, after each fly buy upgrades to reach even more distance.
Help bartender to server customers, and after collect all empty mugs, use arrow keys and space.
Help zombies to run from attacking humans, collect coins jump on rats and use weapons.
Zombies are out another time, use weapons, cars or robots to destroy all zombies, us arrow keys and X for action left click for shoot.
Protect you base after landing on planet where your get nuclear power, kill all incoming aliens.
Take down all enemy soldiers using your weapons and troops, do upgrades with cash.
Online 3D unity first person shooting game, choose your team,character,weapons and take down other players.