Someone must control traffic to avoid car accidents, this time it's your work be carefully and don't crash cars.
Control troops to take over all enemy forces and all bunkers, walk on ground or drop them from air.
Help Lisa to make one of the best hair salons in city, use money for improvements to gain popularity.
Build and manage amazing zoo, place restaurants, playgrounds buy different type of animals to get more visitors and money.
Build towers and fight enemies, start with archers and swordsman towers, at finish fight down big bosses.
Manage small shop, look at costumers needs and create astonishing bracelets, rings and earrings.
Send artillery to take good positions before your enemy will do it, after that send them to destroy enemy base and finish level.
Place towers in right position to not allow enemies pass it, as more enemies you kill as more you will earn for upgrades.
Build awesome towers which will give you ability to build your army. Protect your land from invaders wave after wave.
As in last version in this part too you must conquer the entire era and be a winner!
Select your clan from three clans and fight against other two, complete all five campaigns, create different buildings and army camps.
Build constructions and use your bow to defend your base from attacking enemies, as much money you will earn as more powerful barricades you can build.
Best defense is attack, so build your troops and send them to defeat enemy.
Add different shops and build Resort Empire, after manage it and please your customers.
Start to protect your castle and after you will build enough troops send them to attack enemy.
Create your troops to fight down all enemies by moving from one area to another.
Equip your tower with different kind of weapons to protect it from Empire troops.
Use craft lab to create your soldiers to go after and fighting in arena, as much you kill as more money you will get, also go for hunting if you will need more ...
Place guns to defeat evil creature which want to stole light, clear all 20 stages without allowing any monsters to pass.
Place your ninja troops and fight down all soldiers of mafia family, check which one is more powerful.
Hotel business is very hard to run, you must serve customers and don't make them angry also you must buy new inventory.
Enemies are coming you must create towers and troops to stop all of them, use collected dollars for new weapons or upgrades.
Control airport, click on planes to guide them on right road after landing free them from passengers and park planes.
Invest and develop oil rigs, participate into elections and build your oil business in as much countries as possible to got more and more revenue.
Manage your burger empire, everything is starting with farm create it and after that hire workers and serve burgers to customers.
Click on houses and create soldiers such as bowman's,sward-man's etc. and try to stop all attacking enemies, collect money to build even bigger army.
Your mission is to defend your castle, place different towers and stop all enemies, as usually buy upgrades from earned money.
Select your side Alien,Cyborg,Human,Ghost and attack near cities of enemy to fully destroy them.
Undead monsters are attacking your kingdom, you must create troops and send them to defeat all of them.
Move your soldiers to best positions and try to stop horrible attacking zombies.
Complete different objectives, get materials,repair bridges, build building and much more.
Use mouse to move your characters and also place your towers to destroy all enemy units.
Start fighting alone and after create army to stop all aliens get energy and build towers.
Place towers to protect yourself and defeat the opposing Egyptian forces.
Construct a mall by placing shops, restaurants, don't forget to hire employees to clean up.
Create towers on roads to shoot all incoming vehicles, collect coins using mouse.
Supervise the rail traffic using switches and don't allow traffic accidents.
Take orders and serve your customers, use earned money to buy upgrades or new items.
Help waitress and serve the customers, deliver food and upgrade your restaurant.
Move your characters and watch there fights, if you win collect money.
Evil enemies want to steal magic grove, place different towers to defeat all of them.
Create and manage your kingdom, then send troops to defeat kings son who wants power and ready to do everything for it.
Control troops and complete different missions to investigate whats happening in colony.
Your last man on earth and you must stop all hordes of monkey minions by placing different towers.
Help your knight to survive by eliminating all orcs,wolfs and other enemies.
Barbarians are invading and you must stop them at any cost with your legion, also you can use magic.
Place your guns to defend your base and don't forget to upgrade and repair your devices.
Send your people to capture and defend all castles in every level.
Choose character and start to manage your hotel, add rooms and new services.
Place different kind of weapons to protect your base from invaders, great graphic and game-play.
Choose character and start your way to fame, go through wood and beat all enemies.
Your wizard and must protect castle from new technologies such as robots.
The end of the world! solve bunches of little riddles and go through the gate and find new home.
You're in charge in airport, help the passengers to reach their destinations as quickly as possible.
Run another restaurant, daily you must reach minimum goals and then buy different upgrades.
Your ship crashed on mars and aliens are coming, defend it from invading aliens by shooting them.
Your CEO of very big zombie corporation, and you must improve development and profitability of all zombies.
Nazi troops are coming and you must stop them at any cost, place soldiers and shoot them, also use aircraft support.
Start garage business, buy cars repair,tune,paint,wash and then sell it to get income.
Your kingdom is under attack by trolls, orcs and other creatures, protect your cities and collect money to buy upgrades.